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Wind Turbines

We build and sell wind turbines. The reason for this is we haven't found a better product out there. When most wind turbines do break down, and they will... you are stuck waiting for weeks if your lucky, months typically, for expensive replacement parts. We can fabricate our own parts so when something wears out, and this will usually be the blades, we can replace them within days.

For more information on the wind turbines we build, and how we build them please visit: We built a T14 to replace WH500 near Sambro NS.

We also lead workshops on how to build these machines. If you are interested in owning one, a workshop is the best way to learn the ins and outs of maintenance, performance and monitoring. It will also put a wind turbine in your hands at a substantially reduced cost.

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Why are our wind turbines more quiet and reliable than the others?

  1. Wooden blades are more durable than plastic or fiberglass and they are much more quiet. Wood does not become brittle with temperature, and it is locally available.
  2. We build them like sherman tanks, only tougher.
  3. Furling mechanism relys only on gravity. No springs to weaken or fail.
  4. Low RPM, high torque alternator with strong NDFeB magnets will stop the rotor in any wind.
  5. Low RPM blades cut more slowly through the air. They are not abraded by airborne particles and most appreciated by the homeowner, they are quiet!

What are the most common mistakes made by the owners of wind turbines?

  1. They believe inflated performance claims made my manufacturers. Manufacturers tend to inflate the claims on their wind turbine energy production. (Consider the claims made by wind turbine manufacturers as reliable as the milage claims made by car manufacturers). Many people are deceived by the power rating of a wind turbine. The power rating of a wind turbine only tells you what the wind turbine will generate in ideal conditions and it doesn't have to be for more than a few seconds. This is almost irrelevent because most of the time the wind turbine will be operating in gentle winds. The useful information about expected wind turbine performance is its swept area and average monthy energy output at a given wind-speed
  2. They believe the inflated warranty claims made by manufacturers. All wind turbines require maintenance. They should be checked annually or more frequently for blade tip abrasion, bearing tightness, all nuts and bolts, general wear and tear. Wind turbines usually fail during high winds (when you least want them to).
  3. If you want a 20+ year energy solution, go with a solar power system.  Wind only makes sense if you are in an extremely good wind site, or your home is 100% independently powered by renewable energy. In this case, wind and solar may complement each other. Generally when a storm comes in, it blows in, bringing clouds with it. Also November-January tend to be dark and stormy months when solar is at a minimum but wind is strong and frequent.
  4. They put them on a short tower Expect to spend at least as much on your tower as you will on your wind turbine. Your tower should be 30 feet higher than any object within 300 feet.
  5. They overestimate their site wind potential Nothing will guarantee calm weather and light breezes for the next two weeks than installing a wind turbine. Even if your cloths are constantly getting blown off the line, if you have a lot of surrounding hills, large buildings, or you are in a valley, the wind quality may not be there even though you have the quantity. Turbulance is to a wind turbine what stop and go traffic is to cars.

I love wind turbines! Don't get me wrong. And wind turbine owneship can be a very rewarding and wonderful experience. When you have a nice pot-roast steaming on the crock-pot on a dark and stormy winter night you feel that nature and the weather is your friend and ally. However, like anything there is a right and wrong way to go about it.

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