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Steven's Drive - Sackville, NB


Hans Larsen wanted to experiment with renewable energy. We installed a small solar/wind power system in conjunction with his solar water heating system. This system consists of two Enerworks solar collectors and 60 gallons of storage.


Pictured above, the pump/heat exchanger unit is attached to the solar storage tank. His existing 40 gallon electric tank is in the background.

Mr. Woody Thompson [Fundy Solar, Jolicure NB] installed and activated a solar water heating home system, October 2006 [invoiced November 12, 2006]. The system is based on two 4x8 collectors, a heat exchanger [powered by our solar PV modules], and a 60 gallon storage tank connected to the existing electrical water heater. The system, which has saved a lot of electrical power, has worked well ever since.
Hans Larsen

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