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Solar Boost 2512i-HV MPPT Solar Charge Controller (for a single JKM250 module, to charge a 12V battery).

This 25 amp MPPT charge controller will charge a 12 volt battery off a single 250 watt 60 cell (or smaller) solar panel. It will automatically find the most efficient operating voltage of the solar panel based on the type of solar panel you are using, the temperature and amount of sunlight available.

This charge controller and solar panel combo is perfect for a small seasonal or weekend retreat. It is also perfect for keeping those batteries in an RV or boat topped up.

SB2512i-HV Specfication Sheet





Classic Kid

This is the small version of the Classic 150 series of charge controllers. The Kid is an MPPT solar charge controller with all the same great features you find in the larger controller, including:

  • Mppt tracking can charge a 12. 24 or 48 volt battery from up to three (60 cell modules) in series.
  • Fully setpont programmable including bulk, absorption and float voltages to accomodate flooded, AGM and GEL battery types
  • Data Logging
  • Programmable AUX out allows you to control a vent fan, or diversion load, or warning light, night light or other function (your imagination is really the limit here)

Specificaion sheet





Classic 150 $912.00

The Classic series charge controllers from Midnite Solar sets the standard for quality and flexibility. Among its many features, this charge controller's most useful features are:

  • Fast and efficient MPPT tracking to get the most out of your solar array
  • Wind turbine MPPT tracking to get the most out of your GEN2 wind turbine
  • Two programmable AUX outputs allow you to control two relays that can control stop switches, energy diversion relays, warning relays, battery box ventilation fans, discretionary loads and the list goes on...
  • Fully programmabe to adapt to various battery types including AGM, GEL, open cell lead acid and others.
  • Robust and simple to instal
  • Good warranty support (yes we have sent several of these back for servicing, with good results).
  • The only AFCI rated charge controller on the market today

Classic Series Specifiations Sheet

Charge Controller Comparison Chart

Classic 150 Manual




Outback Flex-Max series

The Outback Flex-Max series of charge controllers can charge a 12/24 or 48 volt battery from a higher voltage array. This simplifies wiring by allowing you to connect up to three large modules in series. Along with many other features, one of my favorite ones is 128 days of data logging where you can check system history including maximum power output, energy generated and minimum and maximum battery voltage. I recommend this controller for all but the smallest solar power systems.

60 Amp Model: $650.00 80 Amp Model: $800.00
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