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Magnum Inverter

I have installed several of this type of inverter and I was particularly impressed by the solid straight-forward design. This also is the only inverter in this price range that provides 120/240VAC split phase power off a single unit. This inverter will handle several power tools, compressors, table saws and pumps at the same time. Great for the cottage, off-grid home or mobile power unit:

12 Volt 2.8kW Sine wave 120VAC: $2100
24 Volt 4.0kW Sine Wave 120/240VAC: $2300.00
Monitor & 50' Cable: $240.00
Battery Monitor: $250.00
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Magnum E-Panels

E-Panels are the solution to a code compliant installation. The E-panel houses the safety equipment to protect your wiring. This includes a 300 DC battery breaker, smaller breakers for your PV and wind power sources and the AC breakers for the inverter output and generator in.

12 Volt 2.8kW Sine wave 120VAC E-PANEL: 2800.00

24 Volt 4kW Sine Wave 120/240VAC E-PANEL: 3193.00

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10 Foot Inverter Cables

10 Foot Inverter Cables $150.00/pair




Suresine Inverter

Morningstar once again comes through with an excellent product. This little inverter, rated at 300 watts does a great job with the washing on our little Danby washing machine, along with powering the computers, sound equipment and other small AC appliances in our home. Fully protected from overload, battery high and low voltage, over temperature and reverse polarity this inverter is very reliable and it is also sealed so no dirt or moisture can enter the circuit board. It is passively cooled and does not rely on a cooling fan. If it is in hot conditions and overheats,  it shuts down until it cools off then it starts again. No big problem, I've done it many times. Great little unit! $300.00
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